Sweet female gerbil great with kids. My 5 year old daughter holds her all the time never been bitten. Comes with her cage but it has been drawn own by my daughter. Comes with a fresh bag of food to be able to transition. Comes with everything pictured including her.
About a year and a half old kinda skittish but a lot better then when we got him. Comes with water bowl a bag of food to start him off with and ten gallon tank.
Two adorable female Guineas. One white with pink ears and nose, and one Brown with white face and black eye patches. Huge XL Cage, two light-up roller balls, cedar chips, grass, food, snacks, water and food dishes, and wooden Guinea home. They are both handled on a daily basis, and love to run around! Please IM if you have any questions or want more pics!
This is a male lion head rabbit he isn t neutered I ll give you him his water bottle, food bowl, and litter box I m not selling his cage
Adopt Apollo a Brown or Chocolate Guineapig / Guineapig / Mixed small animal in Bowling Green, KY (22768023)
Adopt Rocky a Black Guineapig / Guineapig / Mixed small animal in Bowling Green, KY (22768025)
Two Guinea pigs with two bowls, a half of bag of Timothy hay, a half bag of critter care for the Bedding, and a water bottle also a cage

Pet rats

Bought a pregnant rat and need homes for her litter. There are four girls left ( three grey and a grey hooded) and three boys (two black hooded and an albino) they are all very sweet and social. They must go in pairs or more. RATS CANNOT LIVE ALONE! Can t emphasize that enough. They are very social creatures and will get very depressed and ill if kept without another rat. Doesn t matter how muc...
Adopt Gina a Orange Guineapig / Guineapig / Mixed small animal in Bowling Green, KY (25789656)